Tricks to remove stains from dress shirt

A dress shirt can catch a stain very quickly and the people who wear cotton dress shirts with pockets and keep a pen in them are the ones to have a pen leaked and stain their shirt. A stain on a dress shirt makes it useless as it would give you a very bad and dirty look and the dress shirt seems to have been wasted. The first choice is sending a stained dress shirt to the laundry or using expensive bleaches and chemicals which can do more harm to a dress shirt. There are some tricks that can prove to be very valuable and would renew the shirt and making it wearable again.

The first trick is to act quickly. The longer the stain is left on the shirt it starts to become permanent and may leave a permanent damage to the dress shirt. So once you learn the dress shirt has received a stain you should never let it harden and should make sure to have it removed. Although the tricks have been proven to work and remove the stains many people are not familiar with the tricks and save their dress shirts. To remove an ink stains from your shirt a simple but a bit time consuming method is to use a light colored cloth and put it under the stain. This is required to keep the other materials from seeping into the cloth other than the area required. Carefully keep the light colored cloth (usually a piece of towel for more absorbing) under the stained area and try to clear the stain off using a baby wipe. It would not clear off the stain at once but would soften the stain. After you have thoroughly rubbed the baby wipe and the stain seems to have lost some of its strength, spray it with a hair spray and cover it enough to make a layer on it until the spray is being applied. Usually cheap hair sprays are known to be more effective on this so you won’t have to invest in an expensive one.

After applying the hair spray wait for thirty seconds and dip the stained area of the dress shirt in some milk for at least one hour, this would weaken the stain on the dress shirt. The next step to remove the stain from your dress shirt is to make a paste of a mixture of vinegar and cornstarch and apply this mixture to the stain on the dress shirt with a toothbrush and rub it thoroughly. The mixture will dry and brush off. Now try dabbing the stain on the dress shirt with isopropyl or denatured alcohol and finally put your dress shirt in the washing machine and wash it. The stain is now no more on the dress shirt and it is available to be used again.


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