Hackers Strike with a New Plan

Increasing prices in commodities, petrol and utility bills have pushed the nation against the wall. With no jobs in the market to accommodate all those who graduate, youngsters are forced to earn a living using unfair means. Hackers have found a new way to earn on the internet, and by making use of the telecom industry too. A new software has been brought to light which has the potential to fool anyone. The software is capable to send an SMS to anyone using a fake number. Unfortunately the number is not a fake, but is a number which is issued to an XYZ person. The SMS can be traced back to the owner of the number, but not the hacker who has entered the number in the software and used it for malicious purpose.Fake SMS VBG

This is a great threat to mobile phone owners who without having the slightest idea can have their numbers used for malicious purposes. For the safety of the masses, it is advised to have a check on the outgoing messages on the operator’s portal to see if anything has happened without your consent. Report it immediately to the company and have yourself cleared before you learn about it from the police. It might be too late by then and you would be held accountable for the full damage inflicted by the hacker, but blamed on you because he used your number.


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