Just What We Need To Remain In Our Silent Circle

indexNews revolves around the internet that we are soon to get out of reach from snooping government funded programs such as the infamous NSA of the USA. The internet and even our own Smartphone are becoming highly untrusted mediums to keep our private data as every time they sync, they start sending our private data to their data centers. Obviously none of us wants it but we also can’t live without a Smartphone, so what’s the escape plan from this? Our pleas are answered by the newest Smartphone to hit the market known as the BlackPhone being released on 24th February 2014 by Silent Circle who claims to put a stop to snooping with their phone.Mike Janke

Silent Circle’s CEO Mike Janke says that his creation will put an end to snooping of the NSA and the 72 other companies that feed on public’s private data. The encrypted Smartphone will keep the data private and even if these snooping companies get hold of your stuff, all they can do is hire more hackers to think of something that makes sense of all the nonsense that is downloaded on their systems thanks to the great encryption techniques.

The phone has been named BlackPhone which is slim, sleek and sexy. So if you buy this phone for the sake of your privacy, you also get a stylish device which will never embarrass you in public. The iPhone is a symbol of great style and function, and according to Mike Janke, his phone will carry on the fashion sense and still cost a lot less than the iPhone or the Samsung’s costly high end smart phones. So, this is great news for the people who want privacy, a sleek device and spend less on a phone.

All we have to do now is wait for the 24th February 2014 and get a chance to see the smart phone in real and block all snooping companies for good. Good bye NSA!



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