It is impossibl…

It is impossible to love and to be wise. – Francis Bacon

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Aiming High!

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. – Harry S. Truman

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4 Simple Steps to Choose The Best Web Designer in Raleigh

Choosing the best web designer in Raleigh is extremely important because designing your website can be a very tricky process. Unless you already run a web based business, you probably do not have prior experience about owning a business website. Owning a web business is not an easy task as most of us perceive, and building a website is even more difficult. When you have planned to have a website created for your business, you need to do a little homework and bear in mind that it will take time. It is not an overnight process so it takes some time. How long does it take to build a website is not defined because it depends upon the website. A static website takes less time but a dynamic website certainly takes more time to be created.

When you have planned to have a website for your business just follow these 4 steps and the task will become simpler.

* Ascertain your goals

* Agree upon a budget

* Choose your web designing in Raleigh

* Choose a web hosting company

These are the 4 important steps that need to be taken care of. Now let’s discuss them in a little more detail.

Ascertain your goals

Before beginning your search for the web designer, take some time to understand the goals of your website. Write down all the purposes your website needs to fulfill, this will help you in making your points clear to your designer and save the chain of emails that will be sent and received just to explain the points which can be done in the first mail if you have already noted them.

Agree upon a budget

Money matters a lot in business. Your web designing in Raleigh will work for money and you will get the website in return. Finalize the budget so that you can choose a company which will match your budget and provide you the website you dream of.

Choose your web designing in Raleigh

Google is the master in guiding you to a web designing in Raleigh. By entering the same phrase in the search engine, you can easily get directions to a lot of people and companies in Raleigh who will design your website for you.

Choose a web hosting company

In many cases you can get a hosting company’s address from the web designer or even they can purchase the space for you. But if you want to choose it by yourself, you can search on Google or ask your friends where they have hosted their website.

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Just What We Need To Remain In Our Silent Circle

indexNews revolves around the internet that we are soon to get out of reach from snooping government funded programs such as the infamous NSA of the USA. The internet and even our own Smartphone are becoming highly untrusted mediums to keep our private data as every time they sync, they start sending our private data to their data centers. Obviously none of us wants it but we also can’t live without a Smartphone, so what’s the escape plan from this? Our pleas are answered by the newest Smartphone to hit the market known as the BlackPhone being released on 24th February 2014 by Silent Circle who claims to put a stop to snooping with their phone.Mike Janke

Silent Circle’s CEO Mike Janke says that his creation will put an end to snooping of the NSA and the 72 other companies that feed on public’s private data. The encrypted Smartphone will keep the data private and even if these snooping companies get hold of your stuff, all they can do is hire more hackers to think of something that makes sense of all the nonsense that is downloaded on their systems thanks to the great encryption techniques.

The phone has been named BlackPhone which is slim, sleek and sexy. So if you buy this phone for the sake of your privacy, you also get a stylish device which will never embarrass you in public. The iPhone is a symbol of great style and function, and according to Mike Janke, his phone will carry on the fashion sense and still cost a lot less than the iPhone or the Samsung’s costly high end smart phones. So, this is great news for the people who want privacy, a sleek device and spend less on a phone.

All we have to do now is wait for the 24th February 2014 and get a chance to see the smart phone in real and block all snooping companies for good. Good bye NSA!


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Politicians Must Let Go Of Their Schemes and Let Us Live In Peace and Solidarity

download2Not long ago I came to learn of a new world, a world where conspiracy is the only way to live. A world in which one does not have to have a heart of a human being, but the heart of a savage beast. Yes the heart that does not melt to emotions, a heart so hard and unforgiving that it does not let you wince at the thought of bloodshed or deceit. Yes, that’s true there is a world out there right in front of our eyes which we have mastered to ignore like professionals that even though it stares us right in the face we pretend that we have no connection with it. Enough with the chit chat and suspense, the world I’m talking about is the world of politics.

As a child I thought that the worst person one could ever face was the principal of the school, college or university. As I grew up further and crossed my childhood and also a fair fraction of my teenage, I realized that there was far greater element to be feared of and that is the police which make a principal look like a tamed pet. Now that I’m well enough to be called a grown up person, in my view the only thing that can possess the vilest mind and the coldest heart is a politician. Yes that’s right and I stand firm by what I say because due to politicians we have witnessed the two world wars and not to mention the small wars that are constantly waging in the countries we all have the courage to speak of in a heated conversation on Facebook or Twitter. I mean, Palestine, Kashmir, Vietnam and so many other places.images

Since I belong to Pakistan now, the political bazaar is well heated here now. In fact this heat is the only reason that I’ve come to know about the discreet world of politics because unfortunately the bastards have ruined the system so bad that we all know that there are politicians lurking around the corners of every city and street eyeing the public with interest and thinking of new schemes to snatch the money out of their pockets. The talk about Taliban, USA and its fraudulent aid, the democratic system and God knows what else all these politicians bark about every day on the media and social media. All I know that not in this century are we ever gonna see peace unless hundreds of political figures are slain all over the world.

The year 2013 has been a remarkable one for the Pakistani politics for many reasons. A new party emerged in power (although in just one province), PTI which is seen as the savior of the nation by the young people, especially the youth which is fed up by the previous parties and the currently ruling party. The Prime minister is the most powerful person in the political system of Pakistan and unfortunately the current one Nawaz Shareef whose party rigged vehemently in the latest elections and came to power is by far the biggest coward and the most confused person one could ever witness in the Pakistani history. Having invested a major fraction of his incalculable wealth abroad, he is now blackmailed by the leaders of those mischievous countries and he acts as a puppet to their desires. The Taliban, as proclaimed by the US government to be the biggest threat to the world safety and peace are nothing else than a byproduct of the US foreign policy. In short words, they are nothing by the result of US conspiracies. Woebegone, the US politicians still do not understand this and even if they do, they are nothing but the biggest bastards of all times who are destroying the future of not only the people of the 3rd world residents, but the entire world because as a parasite eyes a bigger host every time, people with destructive ideas will keep on eyeing the prospering countries and keep disturbing everyone’s peace and security.

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The Hard Times of the Automobile Industry

(My article published on

Value of a product

To run an industry, or more specifically, a company operating within an industry, it is a must to gain profits over the products. Profits keep the company’s expenses going while leaving enough on the table to meet the future demands. Until and unless the company receives profits on its products, it cannot invest in further endeavours and would probably start falling backwards. The path towards growth and expansion would become rocky and impossible to cross by the company. Hence, the end result would be the company to wind-up its activities or get sold to someone who can make better use of the company.

Profits start coming in with products that prove valuable to the customers. Value of a product is determined by the customer’s approach towards a product. A product that the customer is willing to spend his money on thinking that it will solve his problem, or would be helpful in solving the problem. When a customer believes in a product to be helpful for him, he willingly agrees to pay more than the costs incurred in the manufacturing, or production of the product. But value does not directly counts as a profit for the company that is manufacturing the product. The superfluous of value over the cost incurred in the manufacturing of the product gets divided among the consumers and the manufacturers by the driving forces of the industry, or the competition present within the industry.

In the absence of an alternate to the product, a manufacturer could reap in higher value than the product is worth. Snack bars on highways charge more for their products than they would be able to charge in a city filled with snack bars. Since there is no other snack bar or a hotel for miles on the road, the snack bar that is present in any location of the highway, can charge his customers as much as wished, without the fear of losing him to a competitor. In the absence of competitors, manufacturers get to rave more profits, where as competition would bring down the prices to a value that would not be profitable to manufacturers.

Whenever the manufacturers earn a superfluous, it is not profit. When an industry faces severe competition, overflow of the products in the market, influential labour unions, the money generated against a product gets distributed among all the stake holders. The amount of profits that can be earned by a manufacturer depends on the three driving forces of the market.

• Value of the product in the eyes of consumers.

• Greatness or lowness of competition in the industry.

• Limit to where the negotiations between the manufacturers, suppliers can rest with the consumers.

Demand and competition in the automobile industry

“Bearing a loss totalling $14.7 billion in the year 2008, Ford managed to scrape in profits totalling $6.6 billion in the year 2010, with a perspective to make even more the next year (Booth 2011).” The year 2007 & 2008 had been the worst for the economy all over the globe due to the sudden economic crunch. The automobile industry was severely wounded and the Ford had been a massive victim of the impact. Due to the high unemployment ratio in these two years, the demand for automobiles crashed because customers had no way of paying for the expensive cars. Many businesses big and small had to announce a complete shut down because they could not bear to keep the wheels rolling anymore as there were no buyers in the markets.

Automobile industry life cycle

Today the automobile industry faces a whole new life cycle than before. Products are manufactured keeping the industry demands in view. The four phases that drive the automobile industry are introduction of the car, growth of the car, maturity and depreciation. When a new model is manufactured it is introduced to the consumers using the various advertisement techniques. As the customers come in, the reviews both positive and negative help it in maturing.

More positive reviews means the car has become a hit and would make good sales. Maturity of the product is determined by a constant demand of the model, it can be as long as in years, as in the case of Toyota’s Corolla and Honda’s Civic, which are being carried from a very long time. After some time, the demand of a new car, or technology is raised, the depreciation phase starts and the manufacturers have to look for something new to keep the customers loyal to their fleet of cars.

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Urdu version of the 5 mice nursery rhyme plus an addition of a the fish rhyme

Makes no sense but is a humorous video. The video is created by a local band named ICU. The video is non political and created just for fun. I really enjoyed watching the video and though it needed a share although I don’t know the band but it just appeared on my wall. That’s the beauty of FB, isn’t it?


I don’t know why, but the link didn’t appear here. So if you want to have a look at the video here is the link.

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Secret to Riches

Earn, earn and earn until you have money to burn, and then…Don’t burn it!

I liked to read Archie comics when I was a child. It was an obsession and I would get my hands on the latest issue that was available. I can’t remember much of what I read back then but this sentence stuck in my head.

In one of the comics, Archie asks Veronica’s dad about his secret to such riches, and he answers with this great line. I believe it to be 100% correct because most people get rich by working hard, but then come back to square one by burning every dollar they had earned.

It is better to invest in a better future than to blow it away on things you never really wanted.

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Do Not be Offended by the Word – Cheap Shirts

Shirt on SaleThe word “cheap” usually offends people to the extreme of starting a fight. It has become a worldwide concept that the word in question is known for the product to be of extremely low quality and bad performance. Actually it is a lot different than this perceived concept. Normally quality driven brands and products on cheap rates means they are being offered at discounted prices. In business terms, “cheap shirts” mean shirts that are available at a discounted price. Shirt’s discounts are offered by the companies due to various reasons. Over stocking is sometimes a reason to put it on discount which can encourage the purchasers to take interest in the offer and the product would be sold quickly.

Announcing a worthy deal by the vendor on an item can motivate customers to break their purchasing barriers and rush to make purchases even though if their salary is not due until the next week or more. On the flip side, the vendor is also not at a loss when selling the shirts on a discount, having stocked them in more than the required quantity, he can sell the extra shirt on his cost price as he has already earned a profit on the lots he has sold in the beginning. However, it must be kept in mind that, these discounted shirts are no less in quality of fabric and their stitching too.

Expensive Shirt Vs Cheap “Customized”  Shirt

While wearing an expensive shirt is considered a symbol of fashion consciousness, plus it shows that you are in a position to make expensive purchases. But, it is not wise to fall for the expensive brands if you can with the help of a little creativity, make a cheap shirt to look and feel just like an expensive shirt. Everything is possible today, and a cheap shirt can be easily customized to look more appealing than an expensive one.

Custom shirts

Customized shirts are made specifically for the person who would be wearing it, which makes it unique. Cheap shirts that are already customized are available in the market but, if a person wishes to have his shirt to be even more specific to his taste, a new customized shirt can be easily ordered online. Usually the concept of customized shirts being too expensive keeps most people at bay, but it is a fact that customized shirts actually cost cheaper. Using the right materials for your customized shirt would make it more durable and comfortable as opposed to a shirt bought off the rack, it always has one fault that people complain about, being uncomfortable. Customized shirts are always comfortable; they are made according to your body shape and size allowing freedom to move easily, it eliminates chances of being torn or getting stretched as you move around.

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How to Find a Good Home Builder in your State

Home Builder

Building a home can be one of the biggest purchases of your life. When you have planned to build a home you need to be sure to have the best home builder in the state. You cannot afford to compromise on building your home to a sub standard contractor. A good builder possesses the ability to build a great home even from B Grade materials. Today the as many states are fraught with building defects homeowners are screaming over bad construction. If possible, you should actively take part in the process yourself.

Seek advice before you act

Before you hire a builder for your home do a little market research. Ask others for advice and you may come up with a better option. Try to dig up answers by the following methods.

  • Ask the non competitors for advice, professionals are aware of the latest happening in the market and they would know who the best builder in the state is.
  • Subcontractors such as painters, plumbers and foundation crews have worked with many different builders. They would know who likes to take shortcuts and who follows the plans. Also it would be better to known the builder who pays his labor on time to avoid any strikes that may be a cause of delays in building your home.
  • Ask suppliers for their advice on finding a good builder. Companies who supply building materials are quite knowledgeable about the traits of builders.

If you have found a builder who you think would be suitable, look at a work in progress. The quality of the work would give you a fair idea of how your house would be in the hands of this builder.

Analyze a good builder by a simple questionnaire

There are many great builders who make great homes. Hiring a good builder can save you not only money but also the fatigue and anguish you may face after the project is completed. Analyze the following factors before finalizing which builder to hire.

  • Is the builder a license holder?
  • How long has he been professionally building homes?
  • When was the company founded?
  • How many successful projects he has to present?

An unlicensed builder should be treated as alarm. It might be a possibility that he does not comply with the rules or he might not have the required experience. Such a person or company should never be given the task to build your home. Your hard earned money should not be wasted on cheap builders who are all talk and no action. Homeowners have had many surprises when they hired cheap or inexperienced builders. Many buildings started showing long cracks up the walls. The house started falling apart and leaks sprung up in different pipes. Although you can sue the builder for claims but the agony and fighting in courts would not only cost you more money but also waste your time.

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