Politicians Must Let Go Of Their Schemes and Let Us Live In Peace and Solidarity

download2Not long ago I came to learn of a new world, a world where conspiracy is the only way to live. A world in which one does not have to have a heart of a human being, but the heart of a savage beast. Yes the heart that does not melt to emotions, a heart so hard and unforgiving that it does not let you wince at the thought of bloodshed or deceit. Yes, that’s true there is a world out there right in front of our eyes which we have mastered to ignore like professionals that even though it stares us right in the face we pretend that we have no connection with it. Enough with the chit chat and suspense, the world I’m talking about is the world of politics.

As a child I thought that the worst person one could ever face was the principal of the school, college or university. As I grew up further and crossed my childhood and also a fair fraction of my teenage, I realized that there was far greater element to be feared of and that is the police which make a principal look like a tamed pet. Now that I’m well enough to be called a grown up person, in my view the only thing that can possess the vilest mind and the coldest heart is a politician. Yes that’s right and I stand firm by what I say because due to politicians we have witnessed the two world wars and not to mention the small wars that are constantly waging in the countries we all have the courage to speak of in a heated conversation on Facebook or Twitter. I mean, Palestine, Kashmir, Vietnam and so many other places.images

Since I belong to Pakistan now, the political bazaar is well heated here now. In fact this heat is the only reason that I’ve come to know about the discreet world of politics because unfortunately the bastards have ruined the system so bad that we all know that there are politicians lurking around the corners of every city and street eyeing the public with interest and thinking of new schemes to snatch the money out of their pockets. The talk about Taliban, USA and its fraudulent aid, the democratic system and God knows what else all these politicians bark about every day on the media and social media. All I know that not in this century are we ever gonna see peace unless hundreds of political figures are slain all over the world.

The year 2013 has been a remarkable one for the Pakistani politics for many reasons. A new party emerged in power (although in just one province), PTI which is seen as the savior of the nation by the young people, especially the youth which is fed up by the previous parties and the currently ruling party. The Prime minister is the most powerful person in the political system of Pakistan and unfortunately the current one Nawaz Shareef whose party rigged vehemently in the latest elections and came to power is by far the biggest coward and the most confused person one could ever witness in the Pakistani history. Having invested a major fraction of his incalculable wealth abroad, he is now blackmailed by the leaders of those mischievous countries and he acts as a puppet to their desires. The Taliban, as proclaimed by the US government to be the biggest threat to the world safety and peace are nothing else than a byproduct of the US foreign policy. In short words, they are nothing by the result of US conspiracies. Woebegone, the US politicians still do not understand this and even if they do, they are nothing but the biggest bastards of all times who are destroying the future of not only the people of the 3rd world residents, but the entire world because as a parasite eyes a bigger host every time, people with destructive ideas will keep on eyeing the prospering countries and keep disturbing everyone’s peace and security.


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